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The current investigation aims to develop and evaluate novel ocular proniosomal gels of lomefloxacin HCl (LXN); in order to improve its ocular bioavailability for the management of bacterial conjunctivitis. Proniosomes were prepared using different types of nonionic surfactants solely and as mixtures with Span 60. The formed gels were characterized for entrapment efficiency, vesicle size, and in vitro drug release. Only Span 60 was able to form stable LXN-proniosomal gel when used individually while the other surfactants formed gels only in combination with Span 60 at different ratios. The optimum proniosomal gel; P-LXN 7 (Span 60:Tween 60, 9:1) appeared as spherical shaped vesicles having high entrapment efficiency (>80%), appropriate vesicle size (187?nm) as well as controlled drug release over 12?h. Differential scanning calorimetry confirmed the amorphous nature of LXN within the vesicles. Stability study did not show any significant changes in entrapment efficiency or vesicle size after storage for 3 months at 4?°C. P-LXN 7 was found to be safe and suitable for ocular delivery as proven by the irritancy test. The antibacterial activity of P-LXN 7 evaluated using the susceptibility test and topical therapy of induced ocular conjunctivitis confirmed the enhanced antibacterial therapeutic efficacy of the LXN-proniosomal gel compared to the commercially available LXN eye drops.  相似文献   
The development of habitat suitability models requires a large amount of data which are rarely available. In this case, researchers need to get information on the ecological features of the studied species, based on the opinion of experts or on the literature, to construct a qualitative model. However, such models cannot be rigorously evaluated, as in most cases absence points are not available. In this paper, we assess the habitat suitability for a vulnerable insectivorous plant, Pinguicula crystallina Sibth. et Smith subsp. hirtiflora (Ten.) Strid (Lentibulariaceae) in the Campania region. Our aim was to develop an expert-based, presence-only model in support of possible conservation actions. Topographic and geological features of this species suggested by the literature were used in our model. Both the Boyce index and field surveys were chosen to evaluate the model's reliability. During field surveys, 31 absence sites and 1 new presence site were identified, and differences between sites with regard to water chemistry and quality were investigated, water being an element in the species habitat. Factors that affect reliability of the model, such as the lack of a large amount of information on the species and the limited spatial resolution of geographical information system data, are discussed.  相似文献   
E. Nieman 《BioControl》1991,36(1):77-86
The mothMimorista pulchellalis was monitored over 2 years after liberation in a jointed cactus (Opuntia aurantiaca) infestation in South Africa. Moth and cactus densities were estimated using a system of randomly-assigned quadrats and the impact of the moth on the cactus population quantified. Moths appeared adapted to survive on the etiolated form of jointed cactus plants, killing approximately 1% of the increment in small plants annually. Large plants were also attacked but damage was negligible. The moths occurred in low numbers throughout the study period and generally went through 3 generations in a year.
Résumé La pyraleMimorista pulchellalis a été surveillée durant les deux années qui suivirent sa libération dans une infestation de figuier de Barbarie en Afrique du Sud. Les densités de pyrale et de cactus ont été estimées en utilisant un système de quadrats distribués au hasard et l'impact de la pyrale sur la population de cactus a été quantifiée. Les pyrales semblaient adaptées à survivre sur la forme étiolée des plants de cactus tuant approximativement 1% de l'accroissement annuel des petits plants. Les gros plants étaient aussi attaqués, mais les dégats étaient négligeables. La pyrale existait en faibles nombres durant toute la période d'étude et elle présentait généralement 3 générations par an.
The exploitation of GLU988 and LYS903 residues in PARP1 as targets to design isoquinolinone (I & II) and naphthyridinone (III) analogues is described. Compounds of structure I have good biochemical and cellular potency but suffered from inferior PK. Constraining the linear propylene linker of structure I into a cyclopentene ring (II) offered improved PK parameters, while maintaining potency for PARP1. Finally, to avoid potential issues that may arise from the presence of an anilinic moiety, the nitrogen substituent on the isoquinolinone ring was incorporated as part of the bicyclic ring. This afforded a naphthyridinone scaffold, as shown in structure III. Further optimization of naphthyridinone series led to identification of a novel and highly potent PARP1 inhibitor 34, which was further characterized as preclinical candidate molecule. Compound 34 is orally bioavailable and displayed favorable pharmacokinetic (PK) properties. Compound 34 demonstrated remarkable antitumor efficacy both as a single-agent as well as in combination with chemotherapeutic agents in the BRCA1 mutant MDA-MB-436 breast cancer xenograft model. Additionally, compound 34 also potentiated the effect of agents such as temozolomide in breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and Ewing’s sarcoma models.  相似文献   
江西高天岩自然保护区生态系统服务功能价值评估   总被引:4,自引:2,他引:2  
缪建群  孙松  王志强  黄国勤 《生态学报》2017,37(19):6422-6430
高天岩自然保护区位于江西省莲花县,为当地人提供了多项生态服务功能。根据高天岩自然保护区生态与社会经济系统的特征,构建其生态系统服务功能价值评估指标体系,并以2014年数据为基础,综合运用成本替代、市场价值、影子工程、造林成本、成果参数和旅行费用等定量分析方法,评估其生态系统的经济价值。结果表明:2014年,高天岩自然保护区生态系统服务总经济价值为7.20×10~8元,其中,土壤保持和固碳释氧的经济价值居前两位,分别为4.39×10~8元和1.16×10~8元,各占服务总经济价值的60.89%和16.11%。9项服务指标按评估的经济价值大小排序为:土壤保持固碳释氧产品供给生物多样性保护环境净化气候调节旅游休憩调洪蓄水社会保障。直观的经济数字反映了高天岩自然保护区生态系统对人类社会的重要贡献,一方面有利于强化管理者和公众保护高天岩自然保护区的意识,另一方面为政府制定高天岩自然保护区生态系统补偿标准提供数据支撑。  相似文献   

1. 1. The objective of this paper is to investigate the indoor environment from the viewpoint of interaction between physical environment and the human responses. The field survey has been conducted over 1 year.

2. 2. A continuous measurement has been carried out for 1 week and distribution of variables have been measured for 1 day.

3. 3. The attitude of workers was investigated by a questionnaire.

4. 4. As the result, average luminance represented more than 1000 lx in the new building, in contrast with less tha 300 lx in the existing building.

5. 5. There was a significant difference of the occupants' response to the light environment between the two buildings.

6. 6. Measured thermal conditions are on the edge of the ASHRAE comfort envelope in summer, and in the neighborhood of the lower dry limit of the envelope in spring.

7. 7. The occupants' evaluations were remarkably changed before and after the moving. The office environment is better than that of the factory.

Author Keywords: Office; post occupancy evaluation; physical environmental condition; occupants' evaluation  相似文献   

基于各学科信息作出安全性、有效性和质量可控性方面的综合评价是新药研究评价的灵魂,是一个多学科、多组织参与的综合决策过程。根据新药评价研究的实际工作经验,介绍一个新药临床试验综合评价的逻辑性、结构性的工作思考模式,有助于将不同专业的技术信息和技术结论有机整合,作出科学决策。  相似文献   
崇义客家梯田生态系统服务功能   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
开展崇义客家梯田系统生态服务功能价值评估,有助于人们更好地了解梯田系统对崇义客家社会的重要贡献,为当地政府保护客家梯田系统提供重要依据.本研究基于崇义客家梯田系统及其所处区域的社会经济特征,构建了相应的生态服务功能价值评估指标体系;运用定性分析法对客家梯田系统的生态服务功能机理及其重要性作了识别;以2014年统计数据为基础,采用物质量和价值量相结合的定量评价方法,对客家梯田系统的9项生态服务指标进行评估.结果表明: 在评估的9项指标中,土壤保持的物质量和价值量同居各指标之首,分别为76457 kg·hm-2和105033 元·hm-2,相应地占梯田系统总物质量和总价质量的72.2%和30.0%.文化传承和景观体现了客家梯田系统独特的生态服务功能,价值量分别为100000和46333元·hm-2,位居9项指标的2、3位.产品供给是客家梯田系统提供给崇义客家人的重要福祉,但其物质量和价值量只占梯田系统生态服务总物质量和总价值量的6.1%与10.4%,因此仅考虑产品供给将严重低估梯田系统的生态服务功能.直观的经济数字反映了客家梯田系统对社会的巨大贡献,不仅有利于提高管理者和公众保护农业文化遗产的意识,也为政府制定客家梯田系统生态补偿标准提供了数据支撑.  相似文献   
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