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Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) is critical in the immune response to mycobacterial infections and the mutations in the TLR2 have been shown to confer the susceptibility to severe infection with mycobacteria. To define this, we screened the intracellular domain of TLR2 in 131 subjects. Groups of 45 lepromatous and 41 tuberculoid leprosy (TT) patients and 45 controls were investigated. Ten subjects among the lepromatous leprosy (LL) patients had a band variant detected by single-stranded conformational polymorphism. DNA sequencing detected a C to T substitution at nucleotide 2029 from the start codon of the TLR2. The mutation would substitute Arg to Trp at amino acid residue 677, one of the conserved regions of TLR2. In our results, the mutation was involved in only LL, not TT and control. Thus, we suggest that the mutation in the intracellular domain of TLR2 has a role in susceptibility to LL.  相似文献
Abstract A simple procedure based on the polymerase chain reaction has been developed to detect Mycobacterium leprae , rapidly and unambiguously, in biological samples. Its application to small numbers of M. leprae cells (∼ 102) isolated from armadillo liver, mouse footpads or human biopsies is discussed.  相似文献
PCR-SSP技术对广东汉族人HLA-DR基因分型   总被引:13,自引:0,他引:13       下载免费PDF全文
 探索具有高分辨率、高特异性和简捷快速的方法对HLA-DR基因分型,为临床器官移植配型和疾病相关性分析提供实用的方法和基础资料.利用DR1~DRw18序列特异性的19组引物及1对内参照引物进行PCR扩增即PCR-SSP对HLA-DR进行基因分型,扩增产物经琼脂糖凝胶电泳,溴乙锭染色,在紫外光下观察分型结果.每个被检个体的DR型别可由特异引物扩增出现的电泳谱带直接判断.双盲检测22例的结果100%正确.在102例中国广东地区汉族人中,DR9和DR2的基因频率最高,分别为0.2205和0.1912,DR10为最低(0.0098).与用PCR-SSO方法分型获得的结果比较,基因型别分布基本一致,但一些等位基因的频率有差异,表明HLA-DR基因频率的分布在不同地区、不同种族的人群间存在着差异.PCR-SSP法分辨率和特异性虽不及PCR-SSO法但比血清学方法精细,分型的全过程只需2~4h能满足临床器官移植配型的要求.基因频率调查结果为器官移植配型和疾病相关性分析提供了基础资料.  相似文献
Peptide binding motifs and specificities for HLA-DQ molecules   总被引:13,自引:0,他引:13  
 HLA-DQ molecules have been associated with susceptibility to a number of autoimmune and other diseases, possibly through the peptide repertoire that can be presented by different allelic products. It is thus of importance to understand which peptides can be bound by different HLA-DQ allelic products. Recently, a model for HLA-DQ has been described and used to derive peptide positional environments for HLA-DQ allelic products. By combining the peptide positional environments with known HLA-DQ peptide binding motifs, a set of predictions of likely anchor motifs for many of the products of HLA-DQ allelic variants are made and presented in a table referred to as a roadmap for HLA-DQ peptide binding specificities. Received: 3 March 1999 / Revised: 20 May 1999  相似文献
ABPS诱导单核细胞HLA-DR表达   总被引:6,自引:1,他引:5  
目的研究牛膝多糖(ABPS)在体外激活单核细胞的效应.方法采集健康成人抗凝血,用贴壁法分离单核细胞,调节细胞数接种到24孔板.在370 C,5%CO2条件下,以同一时间不同ABPS浓度或同一ABPS浓度不同时间培养,用流式细胞术和电镜检测单核细胞的激活.结果 ABPS诱导单核细胞超微结构和HLA-DR的改变.结论 ABPS上调HLA-DR表达并能激活单核细胞.  相似文献
Discovery of promiscuous HLA-II-restricted T cell epitopes with TEPITOPE   总被引:4,自引:0,他引:4  
TEPITOPE is a prediction model that has been successfully applied to the in silico identification of T cell epitopes in the context of oncology, allergy, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Like most epitope prediction models, TEPITOPE's underlying algorithm is based on the prediction of HLA-II peptide binding, which constitutes a major bottleneck in the natural selection of epitopes. An important step in the design of subunit vaccines is the identification of promiscuous HLA-II ligands in sets of disease-specific gene products. TEPITOPE's user interface enables the systematic prediction of promiscuous peptide ligands for a broad range of HLA-binding specificity. We show how to apply the TEPITOPE prediction model to identify T cell epitopes, and provide both a road map and examples of its successful application.  相似文献
The list of alleles in the HLA-DRB, HLA-DQA, and HLA-DQB gene loci has grown enormously since the last listing in this journal 8 years ago. Crystal structure determination of several human and mouse HLA class II alleles, representative of two gene loci in each species, enables a direct comparison of ortholog and paralog loci. A new numbering system is suggested, extending earlier suggestions by [Fremont et al. in Immunity 8:305-317, (1998)], which will bring in line all the structural features of various gene loci, regardless of animal species. This system allows for structural equivalence of residues from different gene loci. The listing also highlights all amino acid residues participating in the various functions of these molecules, from antigenic peptide binding to homodimer formation, CD4 binding, membrane anchoring, and cytoplasmic signal transduction, indicative of the variety of functions of these molecules. It is remarkable that despite the enormous number of unique alleles listed thus far (DQA = 22, DQB = 54, DRA = 2, and DRB = 409), there is invariance at many specific positions in man, but slightly less so in mouse or rat, despite their much lower number of alleles at each gene locus in the latter two species. Certain key polymorphisms (from substitutions to an eight-residue insertion in the cytoplasmic tail of certain DQB alleles) that have thus far gone unnoticed are highly suggestive of differences or diversities in function and thus call for further investigation into the properties of these specific alleles. This listing is amenable to supplementation by future additions of new alleles and the highlighting of new functions to be discovered, providing thus a unifying platform of reference in all animal species for the MHC class II allelic counterparts, aiding research in the field and furthering our understanding of the functions of these molecules.  相似文献
The epidemiology of mycobacterium leprae: Recent insight   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
Abstract Leprosy is still a health problem in many countries. Because the causative organism, Mycobacterium leprae cannot be cultured in vitro, it is virtually impossible to assess exposure, and the onset of infection and disease. As a consequence, the chain of infection, considered as the relationships between M. leprae , transmission and human host, is poorly understood. Here, we discuss a number of organism-, host- and environmental-related factors which may be incriminated in the dynamic process of the development of leprosy disease. The use of modern molecular and immunological tools has become a valuable addition to epidemiological research. Understanding of the epidemiology of leprosy is a prerequisite for effective control of the disease.  相似文献
上海,无锡地区汉族人群HLADR4基因14种亚型分析   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
本文应用聚合酶链反应配合限制性内切酶片段长度多态性(PCR-RFLP)分析方法,在130例上海、无锡地区汉族人群中发现23例DR4基因检测呈阳性,对其DR4基因的亚型RFLP和分布频率特征进行了研究,结果显示,DR4基因携带者为17.7%,存在7种DR4亚型,以DRB1*0405频率最高,构成DR4阳性人群的47.8%,其次为DRB1*0406和DRB1*0403,分别为21.7%和17.4%,上  相似文献
中国古代人类麻风病和梅毒病的骨骼例证   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
张振标 《人类学学报》1994,13(4):294-299
文中记述了从中国不同时代考古遗址出土的人类麻风病和梅毒病骨骼标本的若干宏观病理特征,通过与国外资料对比,认为麻风病和梅毒病已经在秦汉时期的中国居民中传播,但是,目前至少还没有找到可靠病骨例证来证实麻风病和梅毒病均起源于中国。  相似文献
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