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To analyze human tumors for the presence of mutated ras oncogenes, a procedure was developed based on selective hybridization of mutation-specific oligodeoxynucleotide probes to genomic DNA [Bos et al., Nucl. Acids Res. 12 (1984) 9155–9163]. We have improved this procedure both in sensitivity and speed by including an in vitro amplification step of ras-specific sequences. This amplification step has first been described by Saiki et al. [ Science 230 (1985) 1350–1353] and results in a more than 104-fold increase in the sequence which might contain the mutation. Furthermore, we have improved the selectivity of our hybridizations. As a result, mutated ras oncogenes can now be detected with a dot-blot screening procedure requiring less than 1 μg of tumor DNA.  相似文献
猪雌激素受体基因(ESR)点突变的PCR-SSCP检测   总被引:21,自引:2,他引:19       下载免费PDF全文
姜运良  李宁  习欠云  吴常信 《遗传》2000,22(4):214-216
雌激素受体基因(ESR)是控制猪高产仔数的主效基因之一,具有明显的基因效应:BB型比AA型母猪胎总产仔数和产活仔数分别高出1.40~3.37和0.63~3.58头,是目前商品猪育种和生产中重点检测的主要基因之一。常规采用PCR-RFLPs方法区分该基因由点突变造成的3种不同的基因型。本研究建立1种基于PCR的SSCP(single-stranded conformation polymorphism)方法对猪ESR该位置的点突变进行检测,具有操作简便、灵敏度高和不需要酶切等优点,可以在育种实践中广泛应用。 Abstract:ESR is a major gene controlling litter size in swine.The sows of BB genotype produce 1.40~3.37 more piglets of the total number born and 1.07~2.40 piglets of the number born alive respectively comparing with those of AA genotype.ESR has been one of the widely detected genes in pig breeding and production.Usually the point mutation of ESR gene was detected by PCR-RFLP approach.The present study established a novel method based on PCR-SSCP,with the advantage of easy maniputation,high sensitivity and no necessity for restriction enzyme digestion.This method may be applied for commercial detection of the point mutation of ESR gene in swine breeding.  相似文献
一株新的胡萝卜软腐欧文氏菌的分离和鉴定   总被引:16,自引:2,他引:14       下载免费PDF全文
从大白菜软腐组织中分离出一株软腐病细菌BC1,经过形态观察、生理生化特性分析、致病性检测和16S rDNA序列分析,该分离物被鉴定为胡萝卜软腐欧文氏菌胡萝卜亚种(Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora, Ecc)的一个新菌株,编号为BC1。这是首次从16S rDNA序列水平上对在我国分布的软腐欧文氏菌进行鉴定。Ecc BC1的16S rDNA序列与其它软腐欧文氏菌株的16S rDNA序列之间同源性达987%~993%,而且在系统发育树中独立于Ecc其它菌株。序列分析结果表明,Ecc BC1具有至少2种不同的16S rDNA序列,它们都在第459位和473位(相对于大肠杆菌16S rDNA序列)发生碱基突变,同一基因中两个突变位点之间彼此互补,处于16S rRNA螺旋H17颈部,而且这两处碱基变异只存在于BC1菌株中。通过与其它软腐欧文氏菌亚种和菌株16S rDNA序列进行比对分析,还进一步鉴定出一些BC1菌株特异的16S rDNA碱基突变位点。本文报道的Ecc BC1两个16S rDNA序列在GenBank中的登录号分别为AY309068和AY309069。  相似文献
Genetic prion disease: the EUROCJD experience   总被引:10,自引:0,他引:10  
A total of 10–15% of human transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) or prion diseases are characterised by disease-specific mutations in the prion protein gene (PRNP). We examined the phenotype, distribution, and frequency of genetic TSEs (gTSEs) in different countries/geographical regions. We collected standardised data on gTSEs between 1993 and 2002 in the framework of the EUROCJD collaborative surveillance project. Our results show that clinicopathological phenotypes include genetic Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (gCJD), fatal familial insomnia (FFI), and Gerstmann–Sträussler–Scheinker disease (GSS). Genetic TSE patients with insert mutation in the PRNP represent a separate group. Point and insertional mutations in the PRNP gene varies significantly in frequency between countries. The commonest mutation is E200K. Absence of a positive family history is noted in a significant proportion of cases in all mutation types (12–88%). FFI and GSS patients develop disease earlier than gCJD. Base pair insertions associated with the Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) phenotype, GSS, and FFI cases have a longer duration of illness compared to cases with point mutations and gCJD. Cerebrospinal fluid 14-3-3 immunoassay, EEG, and MRI brain scan are useful in the diagnosis of CJD with point mutations, but are less sensitive in the other forms. Given the low prevalence of family history, the term “gTSE” is preferable to “familial TSE”. Application of genetic screening in clinical practice has the advantage of early diagnosis and may lead to the identification of a risk of a TSE.Gábor G. Kovács and Maria Propolo Contributed equally  相似文献
一个母系遗传非综合征耳聋大家系mtDNA序列分析   总被引:7,自引:4,他引:3  
通过分析本家mtDNA序列,探讨淮阴一非综合耳聋大家患病的分子遗传学机制。采用聚合酶链反应(PCR)扩增mtDNA与非综合征耳聋相关位点nt1555,nt7445的区域和人类种群研究的D-loop区,PCR-异源双链分析,PCR-RFLP、PCR产物克隆序列测定等技术对该家系进行了系统的研究。发现该家系中全部母系亲属有mtDNAA1555G突变,而家系中非母 个体,对照组(100例正常个体)的mtDNA1555位点均为A。该家系mtDNA7445位点无突变;该系属于Ⅱ型线性体;发现家系D-loop区存在未见报道的碱基插入。提示mtDNAA1555G位点突变可能是导致该家系患致聋的主要因素之一。遗传背景可能对家系疾病的表现存在一定程度的影响。  相似文献
应用RT-PCR方法扩增到了我国1995~1999年10株IBV现地分离株的核蛋白基因片段,并将其进行了克隆、序列测定及分析。结果发现,10株IBV分离株核蛋白基因均含有一个长1 230bp的ORF,编码由409个氨基酸残基组成的多肽,未发现碱基的插入和缺失。与GenBank中的20个IBV参考毒株核蛋白基因序列进行比较和分析,发现本研究分离的毒株主要分布于3个群中,该3群病毒主要包括我国IBV现地分离株。对n基因及其局部功能区序列比较发现,我国分离株与H120疫苗株N蛋白存在广泛的氨基酸变异。通过与s1基因系统发育进化树比较发现,我国IBV分离株存在基因重组现象。以上结果表明我国1995~1999年IBV毒株存在基因突变和基因重组现象。  相似文献
In order to identify Nm23-H1's structural motifs influencing its metastasis-inhibitory activity, we transfected DU 145 human prostate carcinoma cells with the expression vector encoding the Nm23-H1 protein with mutations at the following amino acids: serine-44, a phosphorylation site; proline-96, a site corresponding to the k-pn mutation that causes developmental defects in Drosophila; and serine-120, a site of mutation in human neuroblastoma and phosphorylation. Significant decrease in colonization in soft agar and invasiveness of DU 145 cells was observed in the wild type nm23-H1 transfectants, and also in the serine-44 and serine-120 to alanine mutant nm23-H1-transfected cell lines. However, the k-pn type proline-96 to serine (P96S) and neuroblastoma type serine-120 to glycine (S120G) mutations of Nm23-H1 abrogated its inhibitory activity on colonization and invasion. Meanwhile, all of the recombinant mutant Nm23-H1 proteins produced in Escherichia coli exhibited NDP kinase activity levels at the wild type protein, although the P96S and S120G mutant proteins exhibited decreased histidine protein kinase activity and autophosphorylation level, respectively. Interestingly, only two of the mutant recombinant Nm23-H1 proteins examined, P96S and S120G, exhibited reduced hexameric and increased dimeric oligomerization relative to the wild type. These correlative data suggest that the metastasis-suppressing activity of Nm23-H1 may depend on its oligomeric structure, but not on its NDP kinase activity.  相似文献
崔治中 Lee  LF 《病毒学报》1999,15(2):147-153
用鸡马立克病病毒(MDV)强毒GA株的38kD磷蛋白(pp38)基因克隆DNA转染I型弱毒疫苗CAI988/Rispens株MDV感染的鸡胚成纤维细胞,再用能识别I型强毒pp38的单克隆抗体H19做免疫荧光试验,筛选到能在pp38基因上表达强毒株特异性抗原决定簇的定向点突变弱毒株CVI/rpp38。用^35S-蛋氨酸标记的细胞裂解物做免疫沉淀反应表明,单抗H19不能识别天然CVI988株MDV中的  相似文献
磁场对质粒pBR322DNA的影响   总被引:6,自引:1,他引:5       下载免费PDF全文
讨论了经500mT、900mT、1200mT、1500mT恒磁场作用后的质粒pBR322DNA与Ⅱ型限制性内切酶EcoRⅠ、HindⅢ、BamHⅠSalⅠ、PstⅠ、PuvⅡ、TaqⅠ、BglⅠ、RsaⅠ、HinfⅠ、APaⅠ、KpnⅠ等的单酶解、双酶解及多酶解反应。从琼脂糖电泳分离酶解片段的结果,发现经磁场作用过的pBR322DNA在3361—631bp的区段内产生了一个被HinfⅠ识别的新序列GANTC,证明了磁场作用能引起DNA点突变。  相似文献
为在凝血基因IX基因剔除小鼠基础上建立基因组中整合有含特定点突变的人凝血因子IX基因表达载体原转基因小鼠家系,为血友病乙的研究提供更接近临床实际的动物模型。利用体外定点突变技术,构建含有特定点突变的人凝因IX基因表达载体,该载体包括由人凝血因子IX编码区及第一内含子构成的人凝血因子IX基因(hFIXml)、4个拷贝的MCK增强子(MCKe)、鸡β-肌动蛋白启动子(bA)及PolyA,命名为pMe4bAIXml质粒。将其线性化后,用显微注射法注射入817只凝血因子IX基因剔除小鼠受精卵雄原核,再将它们分别回输45只假孕受体母鼠的输卵管中,共产仔69只,存活63只。采用PCR与基因组Southern杂交筛选法鉴定小鼠,证实6只小鼠基因组中整合有含特定点突变的pMe4bAIXml质粒,并对1只小鼠的PCR产物进行测序,证实转基因结构特征符合设计要求。  相似文献
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