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Evolution of the cytochromeb gene of mammals   总被引:98,自引:0,他引:98  
Summary With the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and versatile primers that amplify the whole cytochromeb gene (∼ 1140 bp), we obtained 17 complete gene sequences representing three orders of hoofed mammals (ungulates) and dolphins (cetaceans). The fossil record of some ungulate lineages allowed estimation of the evolutionary rates for various components of the cytochromeb DNA and amino acid sequences. The relative rates of substitution at first, second, and third positions within codons are in the ratio 10 to 1 to at least 33. For deep divergences (>5 million years) it appears that both replacements and silent transversions in this mitochondrial gene can be used for phylogenetic inference. Phylogenetic findings include the association of (1) cetaceans, artiodactyls, and perissodactyls to the exclusion of elephants and humans, (2) pronghorn and fallow deer to the exclusion of bovids (i. e., cow, sheep, and goat), (3) sheep and goat to the exclusion of other pecorans (i. e., cow, giraffe, deer, and pronghorn), and (4) advanced ruminants to the exclusion of the chevrotain and other artiodactyls. Comparisons of these cytochromeb sequences support current structure-function models for this membrane-spanning protein. That part of the outer surface which includes the Qo redox center is more constrained than the remainder of the molecule, namely, the transmembrane segments and the surface that protrudes into the mitochondrial matrix. Many of the amino acid replacements within the transmembrane segments are exchanges between hydrophobic residues (especially leucine, isoleucine, and valine). Replacement changes at first and second positions of codons approximate a negative binomial distribution, similar to other protein-coding sequences. At four-fold degenerate positions of codons, the nucleotide substitutions approximate a Poisson distribution, implying that the underlying mutational spectrum is random with respect to position.  相似文献
Summary The occurrence and origin of substance P (SP)-immunoreactive (IR) nerves in the lower respiratory tract was studied by means of immunohistochemistry in the guinea-pig, rat, cat and man. In addition, biopsies from human material were also analysed by radioimmunoassay. SP-IR nerves were seen in four principal locations: 1) under or within the lining epithelium, 2) around blood vessels, 3) within the bronchial smooth muscle layer, and 4) around local tracheobronchial ganglion cells. Ligation experiments combined with capsaicin pretreatments indicated that all SP-IR nerves in the respiratory tract are sensory. The trachea seems to be mainly supplied by the vagal nerves, while intrapulmonary bronchi and blood vessels receive SP-IR nerves of both vagal and non-vagal (spinal) origin. SP-IR nerves were also found in the human bronchi with principally similar location as in the guinea-pig. The levels of SP-IR in the trachea and peripheral bronchi of man were about 3–4 pmol/g, which is in the same range as the content of corresponding tissues from the guinea-pig.In conclusion, the present experimental findings of SP-IR nerves in the lower respiratory tract in both experimental animals and man support the functional evidence for the importance of SP in the vagal and non-vagal (spinal) control of bronchial smooth muscle tone and vascular permeability.  相似文献
哺乳动物防御素的研究进展及其应用前景   总被引:29,自引:0,他引:29       下载免费PDF全文
防御素是生物界广泛存在的一类具微生物抗性的低分子短肽,其中哺乳动物防御素的抗性谱最为广泛,具有很高的应用潜力.概述了哺乳动物防御素的组成分布、立体结构、基因表达调控、抗菌谱等的国内外研究进展,并展望了其在医学和植物抗病基因工程中的应用前景.  相似文献
兽类头骨测量标准Ⅰ:基本量度   总被引:28,自引:8,他引:20       下载免费PDF全文
在大量查阅国内外文献的基础上,依据国际上近百年形成的比较通用的测量标准,考虑到数值分类学对测量项目数的要求,根据不同类群形态差异,提出我国兽类学测量标准建议,为测量标准的统一和规范提供了依据。  相似文献
临夏盆地的新生代地层及其哺乳动物化石证据   总被引:27,自引:9,他引:18  
临夏盆地的新生代地层相当发育 ,保存了从渐新世至全新世的连续沉积序列。更为重要的是 ,这些沉积物中含有丰富的哺乳动物化石 ,为划分和对比临夏盆地的新生代地层提供了可靠的证据。然而 ,此前关于这个盆地地层层序和时代的认识有许多矛盾之处 ,地层命名繁复 ,化石证据混乱。近年来我们对临夏盆地的野外考察已理清了沉积序列 ,并在充分的哺乳动物化石证据的基础上重新厘定了各个岩石地层单位所对应的地质时代。临夏盆地的新生代哺乳动物化石以晚渐新世的巨犀动物群、中中新世的铲齿象动物群、晚中新世的三趾马动物群和早更新世的真马动物群最为丰富。  相似文献
流式细胞仪分离精子法的研究进展   总被引:25,自引:0,他引:25  
以X精子和Y精子的DNA含量差别为基础的流式细胞仪分离精子技术是有效的哺乳动物性别控制方法。目前,流式细胞仪分离精子的速度与上世纪90年代初期相比已提高了30多倍,以3000个/秒的常规速度分离X精子或Y精子的准确率可达到85%~90%。迄今,用分离精子人工授精已产下了数万头的动物后代,而分离人的精子也开始应用到了避免X染色体连锁遗传疾病的生殖医学工程中。  相似文献
本文将某一种小兽 (小型哺乳动物 )宿主体表的全部蚤作为一个特定的蚤类群落 ,在此基础上运用模糊聚类分析方法对云南人间鼠疫流行区 10种小兽体表的蚤类群落之间的相似性进行了比较。研究结果表明 ,在动物分类上比较接近的、隶属同一属 (鼠属 )的黄胸鼠、大足鼠和斯氏家鼠体表 3种蚤类群落之间的相似性较大 ,在模糊聚类的谱系图上明显聚为一类。动物分类上距离较远、隶属不同属的微尾、臭、灰麝、中华姬鼠、滇绒鼠、社鼠和锡金小鼠体表的 7种蚤类群落之间的相似性较小。结果提示 ,宿主因素可能是影响体表寄生蚤群落之间相似性大小的一个主要因子 ,当宿主在动物分类上彼此接近时 ,其体表寄生蚤群落的相似程度就比较高 ,当宿主在动物分类上距离较大时 ,其体表蚤类群落的相似程度就比较低。本文中不同属小兽体表寄生蚤类形成了不同的群落类型。  相似文献
青海贵德、共和两盆地晚新生代哺乳动物   总被引:22,自引:3,他引:19  
本文记述了青海省贵德及共和两盆地的几个含晚新生代哺乳动物化石地点的地层剖面及采自18个地点的26种(代表20个属)哺乳动物化石.对其中的 Myospalax arvicolinus, Microtus, Anancus, Leptobos crassus gonghenensis subsp. nov., L. vallisarni, Bison (Superbison) crassicornis, Boopsis breviceps作了较详细的描述和讨论.通过对动物群的分析初步确定了盆地主要堆积物的时代——贵德盆地:上新世—早更新世;共和盆地:早—中更新世,并简略探讨了两盆地的发育历史.  相似文献
云南横断山区小型兽类物种多样性与地理分布趋势   总被引:22,自引:4,他引:18       下载免费PDF全文
以云南横断山区的高黎贡山、怒山和云岭等重要山脉的7个山系作为样区,进行小型兽类的垂直分布调查并参考有关资料,采用不同山系样区各垂直带小型兽类物种多样性指数的平均值作为指标,对横断山区小型兽类的地理分布趋势、规律和相关影响因素进行了研究。结果表明:小型兽类物种多样性的地理分布趋势是由南向北,由西向东呈递减的趋势。与此趋势变化密切相关的主要因素是纬度的影响,其次是水湿条件,另外还与小型兽类的密度,物种丰富度、地理环境(坡向)和垂直带的影响等因素有关。此外,对横断山区不同区域小兽物种密度高峰问题作了分析和讨论。  相似文献
唐家河自然保护区小型兽类群落结构   总被引:22,自引:4,他引:18  
1989年4-11月对唐家河自然保护区的小型兽类进行了研究,共布放11000多铗日,捕获小型兽类846只。共有小型兽类21种,划分为4个群落。利用方差分析和多重比较分析出了各群落内的优势种,并比较了方差分析与以捕获比例确定小型兽类群落优势种的差异。根据香农-威纳公式分析了群落的多样性和均匀性,发现随着群落内物种数的增加,群落的多样性和均匀性指数也都增加,但是随着群落内优势种所占比例增加,群落的多样性则显降低,均匀度也降低。  相似文献
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