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The physiology of digestion in fish larvae   总被引:22,自引:0,他引:22  
Synopsis The acquisition, digestion, and assimilation of food is critical for the growth and survival of fish larvae; a fish larva either grows or it perishes. Fish larvae are characterized by digestive systems and diets that differ from adults. Larvae undergo a pattern of trophic ontogeny, changing diet with increasing size, and these changes result in differences in digestive requirements. At first feeding, the larval alimentary canal is functional, but is structurally and functionally less complex than that of adults. The larval alimentary canal remains unchanged histologically during the larval period before transformation. During transformation, major changes that result in the development of the adult alimentary canal occur. The ontogeny of the alimentary canal differs in different taxa, and experimental evidence suggests that functional differences exist as well. Assimilation efficiency may be lower in larvae than it is in adult fishes, due to a lack of a morphological and functional stomach in larvae, but the question of improving assimilation efficiencies during larval development before transformation remains unresolved.  相似文献
高等植物中的萜类化合物及其在生态系统中的作用   总被引:21,自引:1,他引:20  
植物通过次级代谢途径产生的物质称为次生代谢产物(secondaryproduce)。作为代谢的末端产物 ,它们通过降解或合成产生 ,不再对代谢过程起作用。这些产物是在植物体内合成的 ,但对维持植物的基本生命活动尚无确定作用。既然这些次生代谢物质对植物的基本生命活动没有明显的作用 ,为什么植物要合成它们呢 ?到目前为止 ,已经初步明确植物次生代谢物质的主要功能表现为两个方面。首先 ,它们具有重要的生态学意义自身防御和繁衍后代。为了生存 ,植物合成和利用这些次生代谢物质既可以阻止其它生物的侵害 ,又可以抑制与其竞争生存…  相似文献
大黄蒽醌类化合物的组织化学定位研究   总被引:18,自引:5,他引:13  
刘文哲  张爱新 《西北植物学报》2000,20(6):1082-1085,T007
利用新鲜材料的秆手切片直接观察,5%NaOH水溶液显色、荧光显微镜观察和戊二醛及饿酸固定薄切片法对大黄根茎蒽醌类化合物进行了组织化学定位研究。结果发现大黄根茎内蒽醌类化合物主要积累在次生木质部的木射线和次生韧皮部的韧皮射线细胞中。根据显色程度的不同,可以判断早期形成的维管射线细胞蒽醌类化合物的含量较晚期形成的射线细胞的含量高,二年生根茎的含量高于一所生根茎的含量。  相似文献
以强化感水稻品种PI312777和弱化感水稻品种Lemont为供试材料,运用“循环法”收集供试水稻经土壤和石英沙介质后的根系分泌物,并经乙醚萃取,所获萃取物经气相色谱 质谱联用仪(GC-MS)测试,检索谱图库确定化合物.结果表明,乙醚萃取物中检测到含氧萜类化合物,如柠檬烯氧化物、柠檬烯二氧化物、香芹酮氧化物、香芹醇、雪松醇等,不同品种间含氧萜类化合物种类相似,但在不同介质中的存留方式和数量存在差异.文中还就不同培养方式和品种间萜类化合物的差异作了进一步讨论.  相似文献
贯叶连翘的分泌结构及其与金丝桃素积累的关系   总被引:14,自引:0,他引:14  
贯叶连翘(HypericumperforatumL.)地上器官分布着分泌细胞球(黑色腺点)、分泌囊(半透明腺点)和分泌道(半透明腺条)3类内部分泌结构。分泌细胞球在茎、叶和花器官中均有分布,由2层鞘细胞包围多个分泌细胞构成实心的分泌细胞团。分泌囊主要分布于叶片中,分泌道则分布于花器官中,它们都是由1~2层切向扁平细胞围绕圆形或长形腔道构成,腔道的贮存物为精油。利用组织化学方法,结合荧光显微镜观察,证实金丝桃素类物质是由分泌细胞球(黑色腺点)所合成和积累的。通过用戊二醛和锇酸固定样品的显微和超微结构观察,发现金丝桃素类物质积累在成熟腺体分泌细胞的中央大液泡中,细胞周围浓厚的细胞质中分布着大量小液泡和高尔基体、内质网等细胞器。在此基础上对金丝桃素类物质的积累过程进行了初步探讨  相似文献
To examine how genetic variation in a plant population affects arthropod community richness and composition, we quantified the arthropod communities on a synthetic population of Eucalyptus amygdalina, E. risdonii, and their F1 and advanced-generation hybrids. Five major patterns emerged. First, the pure species and hybrid populations supported significantly different communities. Second, species richness was significantly greatest on hybrids (F1 > F2 > E. amygdalina > E. risdonii). These results are similar to those from a wild population of the same species and represent the first case in which both synthetic and wild population studies confirm a genetic component to community structure. Hybrids also acted as centers of biodiversity by accumulating both the common and specialist taxa of both parental species (100% in the wild and 80% in the synthetic population). Third, species richness was significantly greater on F1s than the single F2 family, suggesting that the increased insect abundance on hybrids may not be caused by the breakup of coadapted gene complexes. Fourth, specialist arthropod taxa were most likely to show a dominance response to F1 hybrids, whereas generalist taxa exhibited a susceptible response. Fifth, in an analysis of 31 leaf terpenoids that are thought to play a role in plant defense, hybrids were generally intermediate to the parental chemotypes. Within the single F2 family, we found significant associations between the communities of individual trees and five individual oil components, including oil yield, demonstrating that there is a genetic effect on plant defensive chemistry that, in turn, may affect community structure. These studies argue that hybridization has important community-level consequences and that the genetic variation present in hybrid zones can be used to explore the genetic-based mechanisms that structure communities.  相似文献
Immunohistochemical localization of cholinergic nerve terminals   总被引:13,自引:0,他引:13  
Summary Most of the published light-microscopic methods for the localization of cholinergic nerve pathways present various difficulties of interpretation. The production and characterization of an antiserum that binds specifically to cholinergic terminals is described. The antiserum was raised to small synaptosomes prepared from the purely cholinergic electric organ of Torpedo marmorata. It was shown to lyse cholinergic synaptosomes in a mixed population derived from guinea-pig cortex. After partial purification by adsorption onto nonspecific antigens, it was used to label nerve endings in several tissues of Torpedo, rats and guinea pigs using indirect immunofluorescence histochemistry. The antiserum appears to provide a highly specific means of localizing cholinergic nerve endings in these tissues.  相似文献
The emissions of volatile organic compounds, VOC, from plants have strong relevance for plant physiology, plant ecology, and atmospheric chemistry. We report here on the current knowledge of the many internal (genetic and biochemical) and external (abiotic - temperature, light, water availability, wind, ozone, and biotic - animal, plant and microorganisms interactions) factors that control emission rates of different VOC by altering their synthesis, vapour pressure or diffusion to the atmosphere. The complex net of these factors, their interactions and the different responses of the different VOC produces the large qualitative and quantitative, spatial and temporal variability of emissions and the frequent deviations from current standard emission models. The need for a co-operative multidisciplinary multiscale research to disentangle this complex and important issue of plant VOC emissions is reminded.  相似文献
舞花姜种子的解剖学和组织化学研究   总被引:13,自引:2,他引:11  
吴七根  廖景平 《广西植物》1995,15(2):146-153
舞花姜种子表面只许多表皮毛,基部具黄白色的种阜状结构。假种皮着生于种阜结构内缘,基部筒状,中上部指状分裂;假种皮细胞长条形.内含许多细小淀粉粒。种皮由外珠被发育而来.可划分为外种皮、中种皮与内种皮。外种皮由具3—5(6)层表皮细胞的复表在构成,最外层的一些表皮细胞向强突起形成表皮毛。中种皮由下皮层、半透明细胞层、中种皮薄壁细胞层与色素层构成。下皮层由一层下皮细胞构成,细胞内充满结合有单字的红褐色色素;半透明细胞含有与脂类结合的淡黄褐色无定形块状物,中种皮薄壁细胞内无色素或任何颗粒状物;色素层为中种皮最内方的一层,细胞体积大、充满与单宁结合的红褐色色素。内种在由一层体积小、壁局部增厚的砖形薄壁细胞构成,其机械保护作用小。种子在珠孔区分化出珠孔领、孔盖及种阜状结构。珠孔领为异形型,孔盖不具石细胞硬层。种阜状结构以其细胞层数增多、壁增厚并本质化的复表皮加强了珠孔区的机械保护作用。合点区内种皮出现缺口.缺口间充满通常呈多角形的合点区色素细胞,其整体轮廓为长条形。外胚乳细胞壁平直,细胞内充满淀粉粒,部分细胞还含有少量的蛋白质与脂类:近合点外胚乳形成一薄区。内胚乳细胞含有蛋白质、脂类与淀粉.其细胞轮廓清楚,椭圆形或不规?  相似文献
绞股蓝营养器官的结构及其人参皂甙的组织化学定位研究   总被引:13,自引:3,他引:10  
林如  曹玉芳 《西北植物学报》2002,22(4):T009-T010
绞股蓝是多年生草质藤本植物。根系由不定根组成,根的初生结构木质部为2-4原型,次生结构中栓内层较厚,攀缘茎,具5棱,周围纤维连成一环,幼茎的维管束排成两圈,外圈5个,内圈4或5个,老茎圆柱形,周围纤维呈不连续环状,维管束具次生木质部和次生韧皮部,排成一圈,掌状复叶互生,小叶5-7片,背腹型,叶柄具5束维管束,进入小叶时分为7-9束,茎和叶的初生维管束为双韧维管束,组织化学实验表明,绞股蓝人参皂甙主要分布在营养器官的同化组织及韧皮部薄壁细胞中,厚角组织,表皮及周皮的栓内层也有少量分布。  相似文献
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